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Gardening C – Landscape Gardening Design

Gardening C LTD have rich experience in gardening design, handles various outdoor garden projects, undertakes gardening design and engineering projects of various governments, developers, hotels, shopping malls, large housing estates and private houses.

Gardening Design Style

The appropriate gardening design style caters to the coordination of indoor and outdoor. The common outdoor landscape design will have Chinese garden style, Japanese style design, modern minimalist style, water element fish pond design, nature design theme, etc. Therefore, carefully select and match suitable materials to deal with unique gardening design style.

In gardening design and planning, wooden fences, green grasses, plant walls, fish ponds, gravel decorations, awnings, pavement pavements, wooden floor platforms and other outdoor gardening design decorations and often used.

We use 100% environmentally friendly artificial solid outdoor plastic wood flooring, 100% high-quality and durable, easy to maintain, suitable for roofs, large terraces, back garden platforms, fences and all kinds of special hand-made furniture, etc.

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