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Plant Wall

Introducing the plant wall into the living environments can also decorate the wall, making the surrounding environment fully of natural green atmosphere. The plant wall can also absorb VOC, purify the air and other functions. Living in an environment full of green plants is believed to improve health and improve work efficiency.

Plant Wall Project

Plant walls can be used in various occasions, such as shopping malls, restaurants, housing estate platforms etc. The beautiful plant wall projects can enhance the green environment and improve air quality.

Benefits of plant walls

Lively green walls are breathtaking by creating an inviting and inviting environment. Their looks are as impressive as their healthy passer-by.

Plants on the walls are a natural air filtration system that building residents can enjoy.

Employees are welcomed in lush green surroundings while savoring the soothing effect of having lots of green leaves around. These vertically sprawling green gardens are on emerging trend in green design, popping up all over the world on the exteriors of skyscrapers, hotel lobbies, office reception areas and more.

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