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Outdoor Wooden Floor Project

The Company provides environmentally friendly WPC outdoor solid plastic flooring from Italy, Germany, or othe Asian regions. Different outdoor wood products have different styles and advantages. Outdoor wooden floors are generally used on terraces, roofs gardens, etc, and are often exposed to high temperature sunlight and rain, so the outdoor wood materials used in outdoor areas are very particular, such as outdoor, fences, eave ceilings, dining chairs or other outdoor storage, lockers etc.​

Characteristics of outdoor solid wood plastic composite (WPC)

  • General stains are easy to clean and stay clean , leaving little smudges.

  • Waterproof, anti-UV, anti moth functions.

  • Even after several years of use, the outdoor wooden floor will not change much from the original color.

  • Available in different size and thicknesses, strong impact resistance, no deformation, flame retardant.

  • Outdoor wood floorinig has a varierty of textures and colors to choose from in response to outdoor landscape design.


​Outdoor garden pavilion


Outdoor wooden chairs


Outdoor wooden plant tray

Outdoor Floor Project Care

​​We have a wealth of experience in outdoor flooring projects, In the past, we have dealt with outdoor flooring projects for hotel outdoor gardens, shopping malls, independent houses and building roofs…

(more cases)

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